One of our specialities here at AJM Commercial Interiors is office workstations and we take a lot of pride in the products and services that we provide. Of all of the companies that we work with, we are always asked about what should they look for when it comes to purchasing office workstations in Adelaide.

The first thing that you should think about is whether or not your employees will be able to benefit from ergonomics. People who spend 8 hours a day sitting at their desks might develop back problems, so it’s important to consider the type of workstation you are planning to install.

There are workstations for typing and others designed to accommodate workers who use a phone frequently. At AJM Commercial Interiors, we can custom make office workstations in Adelaide to make sure that your office promotes a healthy and ergonomic workplace that appreciates your employees.

Types Of Office Workstations

AJM can help you choose the right type of desk for your staff members and talk you through all the different options. There is a range of workstation options that will make your employees feel like they are working at desks with both style and comfort.

Height Adjustable Workstations

Many workers have a set work-day schedule and from week to week tend to sit at the same desk. For those people, adjustable desks are a wonderful option as they will be able to easily match their height to the surface of their desk. Also, known as Sit/Stand Workstations or height-adjustable desks, these allow the user to quickly and easily adjust the height of their desk with a high degree of control and can be adjusted at both ends or on one end for a single person workstation.

These types of desks are perfect for allowing your staff members to work more comfortably by offering them an option to sit or stand with ease whilst they work.

Back to Back Workstations

Suitable for much larger open-plan office spaces, back to back workstations are a great way to maximise space. They are normally paired with desks that can be rotated to form a two-person workstation, allowing for both users to face one another. The height-adjustable option makes them even more functional for employees as they can adjust their desks accordingly.

The main benefit of back to back office workstations is that it provides a large amount of workspace in an efficient manner. Desk mounted screens can offer an element of privacy as well as helping with office acoustics and noise reduction within the workplace.

Corner Workstations

Corner workstations are popular in many offices and can provide a great deal of workspace in a small area. The ergonomic benefit of the corner design allows employees to sit at all four sides of the desk, which also offers them more space and comfort when they rotate their chairs around to take phone calls and interact with other colleagues.

AJM also offers a range of corner desks and workstations that are height adjustable too. This enables employees to raise and lower their desktops, which means they can work with the screen at eye level when required.

AJM Commercial Interiors – Office Fitout & Workstation Experts

AJM Commercial Interiors can help you to create a comfortable and productive office space that encourages teamwork. Our customised workstations do not just provide solutions for your employees, but also increase productivity and decrease company downtime.

For more information on our range of customisable workstations and office fitout services in Adelaide contact us today. We would be happy to provide a no-obligation quote and help get your next project underway.

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