AJM Commercial Interiors offer a wide range of office screens and partitions to help bring your next Melbourne office fitout project to life. Office screens and partitions can help to break up open office floor plans with high impact, durable panels that are ready to be incorporated into your workplace design.

Types Of Office Screens & Partitions

Office screens are an effective way of creating intimacy in larger offices or workplaces that are located in shared workspaces. Screens may be made from different materials including glass, fabric, wood and steel depending on your requirements.

Partitions can help to create more privacy for you and your employees without taking away the feeling of being part of a much larger team.

Desk Mounted Screens

Screens that can be positioned on pre-existing desks allow you to adapt an existing workspace. Desk mounted screens are great for providing your staff with privacy along with soundproofing if they are on the phone for large parts of the day. Desk mounted screens are also very easy to install without the need for any additional hardware. They can be removed when they are not required and may help you free up space on your desk.

Free Standing Partitions

Can offer you the opportunity of flexibility when it comes to segregating your office space into different breakout zones or if you wish to separate different teams within your organisation. Free-standing partitions are available in a variety of materials including fabric & glass which is an effective way to separate your space in a transparent and stylish manner.

Acoustic Screens & Partitions

Our soundproofing and acoustic experts can help make sure that noise pollution is kept to an absolute minimum when it comes to organising your new workspace. Acoustic office screens allow staff to take phone calls, communicate with other staff as well as collaborate and study without the disturbance caused by office noise.

Acoustic partitions can help reduce room noise and improve speech privacy and intelligible acoustics. We carry a wide range of acoustic screens, partitions and soundproofing options that will ensure you can create an office environment that works for all staff involved.

COVID19 Safe Screen Protectors

If your staff are returning to the office after many months working from home, you may be concerned about how they will cope with the return to work. COVID-19 Safe Screen Protectors are an affordable solution that can help your employees reduce transmission and help stop the spread.

If your workplace has a high number of customer interactions, these types of screens can help protect your staff and reduce customer contact. They are also very easy to install, which means that you can get them up and running in no time.

These screen protectors are more affordable than some of the leading brands on the market, making them an ideal option for any business or office space

Office Screens Right Across Melbourne & Regional Victoria

AJM Commercial Interiors has many years of experience providing office screens and fitout solutions right across Victoria. From Ballarat to Geelong, AJM provides high-quality office screen and partition solutions. Here are a few locations we have provide office fitout solutions to within the state of Victoria:

  • Melbourne CBD
  • North Melbourne
  • St Kilda
  • Richmond
  • Carlton
  • Ballarat
  • Bendigo
  • Mildura
  • South Yarra
  • Brunswick

AJM can meet your business needs across the entire state of Victoria and the whole of Australia.

Why Choose AJM Commerical Interiors For Your Next Office Fitout Project?

Our passion is making sure your business has everything it needs to thrive when it comes to office interior design, layout and everything in-between. AJM has worked with a high number of businesses over the years to help provide them flawless workplaces where their staff feel comfortable and can thrive. Our experience shows that a better-designed office space leads to a more productive, happy and relaxed workforce.

AJM Commercial Interiors offers a large array of commercial interior solutions and are ready to help with your next fitout project. Get in contact with one of the team today and we can provide you with a free no-obligation quote.


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Office Screen & Partition Fitout Services In Melbourne

With a continued legacy spanning over 20 years in the commercial building and construction industry, AJM Commercial Interiors have built an established reputation as leaders in modern office fitout and commercial construction. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Full Fitout Solutions
  • Office Partitioning
  • Suspended Ceilings
  • Aluminium & Glass Walls
  • Services Integration
  • Building Alterations
  • Doors
  • Painting Services
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