Product: Demountable Partitioning

System 50 integrates a fully customised design capability, completely integrated cable management and modern clean lines, with the ability to completely relocate, refurbish and recycle.

System 50 partitioning (Energy and capital savings in the production, life span and final recycling) this may well be one of the smartest solutions to your office partitioning and design needs anywhere.


  • Cost of churn
  • Fully re-usable
  • Minimal dust factor
  • Fast installation
  • Can be leased
  • Can be depreciated
  • Excellent environmental benefits
  • Fully integrated cable ducting optional
  • Can be Fully integrated with your workstation system.
  • Full acoustic properties

Demountable partitions offer the following benefits:

  • Acoustics: We recently did 9 levels in a CBD Sydney building with this system, it was tested for acoustics and rated above the Australian standards for office acoustic ratings.
  • No mess , smell or major disruption with being installed
  • Easy to run cabling through and change down the track
  • Tax Benefit: The other major benefit is that it is an tangible item and tax deductible (because it is not a fixture) which entitles the user to some great tax benefits.
  • Easy to reconfigure and move keeping alteration costs down