Cafe Chairs & Restaurant Seating

AJM Commercial Interiors offers a wide range of commercial cafe chairs and restaurant seating solutions. Are you planning your next dining area refurbishment? Here at AJM we can help you every step of the way. Whether you are looking to replace your existing dining chairs with new ones, or are thinking about a complete renovation, we can help you manage the entire project from start to finish. Our range of hard-wearing, restaurant and cafe furniture has been built with the user in mind. Our chairs are carefully sourced and manufactured to meet the highest standard when it comes to commercial-grade furniture. AJM has a wide range of bar stools, cafe chairs and indoor dining chairs to choose from. When it comes to customisation, we can help you colour match your existing decor, as well as look for a solution that matches what you already have. Alongside this, we can offer a large selection of upholstery and fabric options when it comes to our more luxurious seating options. Over the years, we have helped many pubs, restaurants, cafes and shopping complexes renovate their dining areas. AJM Commercial Interiors is dedicated to working closely with our clients to ensure that satisfaction is at the forefront of everything that we do. Get in contact with us today to see how we can help with your next dining space fit-out project.

Cafe/Restaurant Chairs

Alba Dining Chair

Ascot Bar Stool

Asti Dining Chair

Berwick Dining Chair

Celona Dining Chair

Java Cafe Chair

Lido Dining Chair

Metro Cafe Chair

Mono Folding Chair

Napoli Dining Chair

Okta Dining Chair

Osborne Dining Chair

Pebble Cafe Chair

Petra Cafe Chair

Quadro Bar Stool

Robert Bar Stool

Santo Dining Chair

Soho Sled Dining Chair

St Tropez Cafe Chair

Tess Dining Chair

Waikiki Cafe Chair

Napoli Bar Stool

Crown Cafe Chair

Lazer Bar Stool

Dama Cafe Chair

Dara Dining Chair

Duca Bar Stool

Florida Bar Stool

Cello Aluminium Cafe Chair

Cello Rattan Cafe Chair

Malibu Cafe Chair

Izu Dining Chair

Function 3000 Chair

Como Bar Stool

Galaxy Bar Stool

Urban Dining Chair

Atlanta Bar Stool

Montana Cafe Chair

Vita Cafe Chair

Dolce Cafe Chair

Maya Cafe Chair

Diva Cafe Chair

Carlie Cafe Chair

Carlie Bar Stool

Avoca Dining Chair

Avoca Leatherette Chair

Allegra Dining Chair

Deja-Vu Cafe Chair

Victoria Cafe Chair

Crystal Cafe Chair

Elizabeth Cafe Chair

Carmen Cafe Chair

Miss Bibi Cafe Chair

Mr Bobo Cafe Chair

Corio Cafe Chair

Corio Bar Stool

Urban Bar Stool

Gio Bar Stool

Fox Bar Stool

Avoca Bar Stool

Leatherette Bar Stool

Jazz Timber Dining Chair

Box Cafe Chair

Carlie Bar Table Set-up